Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to the location to browse and shop?
Our operation is not set-up for customer browsing. Purchasing customers are not allowed to roam the site. All sales are consummated and processed via the Internet. Access to the premises is limited to loading and picking up only unless pre-scheduled arrangements had been made with specific marketing personnel. To set an appointment, please email at MaterialPlus

Can I return a purchased item if I am not satisfied with it?
Generally all sales are final. Merchandise is sold "as is" and without warranty. Computers are pre-tested to be in working condition at the time of sale. Extenuating instances of malfunction are investigated.

What happens to my order if an item becomes "out of stock"?
If part of your order becomes unavailable during your 2-4 day order process, you will be notified via email or phone. You may still choose to purchase the remaining items that are available. If however, all of your order becomes unavailable, you will be notified via e-mail or phone and your order becomes cancelled. You will need to re-order when item(s) are available again.

If an item is out of stock, can I be put on a waiting list? Can I pre-pay?
No. Due to the unpredictable influx of merchandise, we do not maintain a waiting list for previously requested items. The web-site is updated, as quantities become available. It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor the site for new listings and available items.

How does the bid process work?
A proxy bidding system is used on this website. Under this system a customer places an absolute maximum that they are willing to bid on the item. The system will then place a bid on the customer’s behalf whenever another bid is placed on the item until the maximum proxy bid has been exceeded, or the auction is won or the Buy it Now option is selected.

I placed a proxy bid on an item but the system indicated that I was outbid by the same amount that I entered?
When a bid is placed on an item, the system places a date stamp on the bid. If another customer has placed a bid at the same amount, the bid that was placed at the earliest date stamped time is the one that is placed as the bid.

How does the “Buy it Now” option work?
The “Buy it Now” option if active on an item allows the customer to purchase the item and supersede the bidding process at any time during an items active bid time.  (Note: this option is not always active for all items)

Is there a minimum bid price?
The company reserves the right to establish a reserve price based on its determination of marketability. We reserve the right to accept or deny any or all bids.

How will I know if I won the bid?
If you are the winning customer at the end of an items auction time or if an item is purchased through the Buy it Now option an email is sent to the customer with the winning or purchase price along with contact information to schedule pick up of the item. (Please note: a valid email address is required)

How will I know if I made the best offer?
At this time offers on items will not be accepted. 

Once I place my order or win a bid, when can I pick up my merchandise?
Due to the nature of our online sales operation, we make every effort to assure the readiness of your order at the appointed time. You will receive a reply or confirmation from the seller normally within 1 - 3 business days. At that time, you will be scheduled a date and time to pick up your merchandise or prompted to contact us by phone to arrange for a pickup time acceptable to both parties.

What happens if I miss my scheduled pickup appointment?
If you have not made new arrangements to secure your merchandise within the 10-day period, your order will be cancelled and the merchandise becomes available to other customers or held at the discretion of the seller.

What happens if a bid winner does not claim material?
The winning bidder has 10 days from the bid ending date to take possession of the merchandise. After 10 days, unsuccessful attempts to coordinate pickup of won material, may result in the bid or item being awarded to the next highest bidder or the item may be re-listed on the web site.

Can I pickup my item(s) before paying for it?
Purchasing credit is not extended. All merchandise must be paid for upon receipt. Without payment and pickup within 10 days, the seller reserves the right to sell the item(s) by other means.

Can I pay cash?
Payment must be made by money order or Commercial/Business Check Only - no personal checks or cash will be accepted. Customers are responsible for any and all fees related to returned checks for any reason.

Will I be charged sales tax if my company is tax exempt?
If your business or organization is tax exempt, we must have a valid copy of your tax-exempt certificate on file to support your claim.

Why didn't I get an email response?
The web-site is setup for direct response to the customer account email address. If your correct email address is not provided, or if the address you supplied is incomplete or entered incorrectly, you will not receive a response and your order may not be processed. All orders must contain a valid email address for correspondence. To change or update your email address, please notify us via email at MaterialPlus

What if I don't have an email account?
You may place an order from any computer that can access the web-site, however keep in mind that the address you supply with your order is the address used to communicate with you regarding the status of your order.

What happened to my account?
Please read the MaterialPlus web site User Agreement carefully. You must follow the principles of the User Agreement or be subject to suspension of your account.

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