About Us

Detroit-based Goodwill’s Green Works, Inc. offers cost-saving, labor-intensive asset recovery and industrial recycling services to socially conscious municipalities, utilities, automotive suppliers and manufacturers, as well as construction and demolition companies.

It is a non-profit subsidiary of Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit and produces revenue to fund vital job training, education and placement programs for those facing employment challenges in Metro Detroit.

Located in a 94,000-square-foot industrial facility on Detroit’s east side, Green Works began operations in 2010. State-of-the-art equipment and processes make the company an invaluable resource for sorting, refurbishing, recycling and reprocessing metals, oils and other industrial materials.

Green Works lowers material costs for clients and reduces waste by breaking down industrial recyclables into their most raw form. These materials are then resold in commodity markets or reused in the manufacturing process.

In 2011 alone, the company processed more than 12 million lbs. of steel, aluminum, copper and other materials.

Our  Mission

With a grant from the State of Michigan, Green Works employs or trains numerous graduates of the correctional system. This program provides education and skill development that enables reentry into the workforce, enabling them to contribute new ideas while encouraging pride and ownership in their work. As a result of this grant funding, Goodwill will create 25 new jobs for these graduates in 2012 and an equal amount each year over the next decade.

As capacity grows, Green Works will play an increasingly significant role in Goodwill Industries’ ongoing mission to fight Metro Detroit’s unemployment crisis by helping fund existing Goodwill job training and placement programs.

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